Starting a Game of Pool

How to Begin a Game
To start a game, first the table must be turned on. (Left click on the table, and a menu will pop up, with the option “turn on”. By default, only table owners can turn on the table, though this can be changed. Tables are meant to be left on permanently, and if you find a table in the wild that’s off, it’s likely the owner only allows certain people to play)

If a table is turned on, left click on the table and look for the option “play game”. Once you click on this, menus will appear in game directly above the pool table. These menus will let you choose (in order) the game you want to play (7 ball, 8 ball, 9 ball, and a no-rules mode), and the number of players (1 player, 2 players, or team games).

If a player picks a 1 player game, the table will ask you if you’re all done. If you are, click on the green ok button hovering above the pool table. The game will now start.

If a player picks a 2 player game, an option will appear above the table that says “join team 2”. The second player must click on this button. After the player does, the person who initiated the game setup will have to click on the green ok button. They’ll then be taken to a final confirmation menu. Click on the green ok button again, and the game will start.

If a player picks a team game, buttons will appear above that table that read “join team 1” and “join team 2”. People who click on these buttons will become a part of the respective teams. Each team can have up to 8 players. Once the person who initiated the game is happy with the teams, that person should click on the green ok button again. A final confirmation screen will appear. Click the green ok button again and the game will start!

To interact with the table beyond starting up a game, players need to get and a wear a HUD. HUDs can be worn at any time, even after a game has been started. You can get a HUD by clicking on the table and clicking on the “get HUD” option. You only need one HUD. HUDs are generally backwards compatible, meaning as long as you have the newest version of the HUD, it will work with older versions of the table.

Cue Rack
Pool tables come with cue racks that give away pool cues. Pool cues are fully cosmetic and this is completely optional.