9 Ball Rules for Pool

Nine ball game rules conform to the rules set out by the WPA with a few changes dictated by Second Life:

  • On the break it’s not necessary for the cue ball to first connect with the 1 ball

Full Rules

1. Victory

-The game is won when the 9 ball is pocketed on a legal shot

2. Legal Break

-At least four balls are driven into the rail during the break
-Or any ball is pocketed

3. Continuing Play

If a player pockets a ball during the break, that player’s turn continues. The player at the table continues to shoot provided he or she:

  1. Pockets a ball
  2. Doesn’t commit a foul

If a foul is committed, the incoming player continues play with the cue ball in hand.

4. Fouls

Any shot is a foul if:

  1. The cue ball is pocketed
  2. The cue ball doesn’t first come into contact with the lowest numbered ball on the table
  3. No ball is pocketed and no ball is driven into the rail after the cue ball comes into contact with an object ball

5. Push Out

On the first shot after a legal break, a player has the chance to declare a push out. A push out is a special shot where the fouls 2 and 3 above are lifted. After making a push shot, the opposing player decides whether to accept the position and play, or to let the current player continue at the table.