Pool Table Setup Guide

Which Table To Rez

Included with every pool table purchase are two options, a regular table and a “nopay” table (labeled with the word nopay). The regular table lets owners optionally charge users to play the table. Owners keep all L$. This isn’t a gambling mode, the game doesn’t accept wagers, and doesn’t pay L$. The “nopay” table has all payment code removed, as I’ve found payment code can make some people uncomfortable.

In addition, the Majestic and Kinetic pool tables come with both mesh and prim versions of the table (labeled with the words mesh and prim). I strongly recommend using the mesh versions as the prim versions have a higher land impact and less styling options. The prim versions are included as legacy versions that I keep up to date and maintain for the people who bought them many years ago.

Quick Setup

  1. Position your table
  2. Left click on the table -> turn on. After you do this, game objects ( balls and a few other things ) will rez into the world.
  3. That’s it, you’re ready to play!

The table also features an admin menu ( left click on your table ->admin) that allows owners to configure various options. A quick overview of those features is as follows:

Set Style – Selecting this opens up a menu that gives the option to customize the table’s appearance. (more information below)
Game Price – This isn’t present on the nopay tables, only on regular tables. This specifies how many L$ it costs to start a game.
Setup Time – An inactivity timer that limits (in seconds) how much time people have to set up a game. (Eg, if a person walks away from a game mid-setup, the game will cancel the setup after this amount of time)
Turn Time – This is another inactivity timer. During gameplay, this value sets how much time people have, between actions, before the table times out and the table considers the game forfeit.
Difficulty – This is a value from 0 to 2 that represents the table’s pocket size. A higher value represents smaller pockets and a more challenging gameplay experience
Reset – Resets all scripts in the table
Update – Requests the latest update from the update servers, clicking it will send you the latest version

The __settings file

In addition to the admin menu, there’s a __settings file included in the pool table that has some additional options. When a table is reset, everything configured in the admin menu is also reset, while everything in the __settings file will remain fixed after a reset.

In order for the table to accept changes to the __settings file, the __settings file must be saved, and the table must be reset. A reset can be done by left clicking on the table, selecting the “admin” option, followed by “reset”.

The __settings file has some options that mirror the admin menu. These are called GAMETIMEOUT (same as turn time, above), SETUPTIMEOUT (same as setup time, above), GAMEPRICE (same as game price, above) and DIFFICULTY (same as difficulty, above). When a table is reset, these are the values turn time, setup time, and game price will default to. They can still be editing through the admin menu, but will revert to these values every time the table is reset.

Additional options in the __settings file are as follows:

FRIEND – more on this feature is below
GROUPPAYMODE – Allows people who belong to the same group as the pool table to play for free, even if the table is set to require payment to play
REZZERCHANNEL – Pool tables can receive commands from objects, eg, rezzers (but also any other object). This usually requires some knowledge of scripting. In your main pool table box, the one you received from the marketplace or store, you’ll find an “external rezzer help” file that has details for this feature
ANYBODYON – By default only owners/friended players can turn the table on, but this overrides that and will allow anybody to turn the table on or off.

Table Friends

This isn’t the same as your “friends” list in SL. Friends are something that can be added to each table individually, using the __settings notecard. Friends are users with special privileges:

  1. Friends have access to all admin options, except for the built-in ability to update the table
  2. No matter what the game price is set to, friends play for free

To add a friend to the settings notecard, look to the very top. You’ll see two friends already added:


These names are there for demonstration purposes only, and can be changed. To add additional names, you can either changes these names or add new names below them. Each name must be on its own line. Eg, if you wanted four people friended to the table who had the legacy names dustin.gilman, anotherplayername, yetanotherplayername, and another.player, you could edit the __settings notecard as follows:


*Note, the friend system uses legacy names. Legacy names are the same as your username, but in full lowercase, and if your username is two words (like mine, Dustin Gilman), you must add a period between the names. If you’re uncertain about what your legacy name is, please feel free to ask me!